Bill Baxter, Academic Dean, Cornerstone Bible Institute

Bill was born and raised in inner-city Baltimore, MD. He was born the second time at age 26 on December 3, 1967, while in the US Navy. God, His Word, and the local church became priorities in Bill’s life, and the world was recognized for what it is. Bill’s education included ten years in the US Navy, three years at Sacramento Bible Institute, eighteen years in missions in South Africa involved in church planting, and fourteen years as pastor of his home church, Vallejo Bible Church, Vallejo, CA.

In 2010, the Lord led Bill and Joy to move to SD to have a part in equipping the next generation of workers for Jesus Christ. “What a privilege it is to know Him and to serve Him,” Bill affirms. Bill teaches theology courses at Cornerstone, along with Church History, Church Planting, and Acts.

Bill Baxter had been serving as an Advisory Elder for our church since 2002 until he moved to SD in 2010. Please continue to pray for Bill and his wife Joy for their health, stamina, and fruitfulness in their ministry to students.

July 12, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God has been so very good to us once again! We drove our little Corolla as far south as North Carolina and as far east as Baltimore, a total of 4250 miles on our car plus 1200 to 1300 riding with others as we visited family, friends, and supporters. We started May 20 running into an hour of driving in a BLIZZARD! and returned on July 5 to 105-degree heat!! The car came through like a champ!

We saw many sights: Dayton, TN, courthouse & museum (site of the 1925 Scopes Trial), many Civil War sties and even a live cannon demonstration (very LOUD – can’t imagine what it was like to have a row of 20 of those going off simultaneously in battle – OSHA would not have approved.), a southern mansion, Thomas Jefferson’s home - Monticello, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky, riding the commuter train to Washington DC and then touring our nation’s Capitol building among other things, the Omaha Zoo (Don’t laugh until you’ve seen how awesome it is!), a great tour of the Nebraska state Capitol in Lincoln, and time at Nebraska Indian Wars era Fort Hartsuff. Oh, yes, and how many of you have been to a small town (800) middle America 4 th of July Parade? It began with two crop-duster planes buzzing the length of Main Street at tree-top level! That was followed by the Color Guard of flags for which everyone stood and put their hand on their heart. This was followed with local EMT and Fire Engine rigs, horses, classic cars, and on and on. After the parade there was a sloppy Joe/hot dog meal at the Community Center with the only charge a donation – raising funds for the local high school band’s Color Guard marching group.

Food and meals were of many cuisines. We had many great home-cooked ones, southern pulled pork at its best, a crab feed (yes, where you use a wooden hammer to open your own crabs) with plenty of shrimp thrown in at a crab shack in Baltimore, southern fried catfish at a “locals” café in Tennessee, a table full of farm foods served family style in a farming community. At that restaurant we met a table of about 30 brothers and sisters from a black church, Cornerstone Baptist Church. When they found out we teach at Cornerstone Bible Institute in South Dakota, the fellowship strengthened and became festive as we waited in line and then later bid them farewell after we ate. God’s people are the greatest! Then there was a fine dinner at an upscale restaurant in a Baltimore suburb.  When it was “just us” on the road we sometimes enjoyed going to a large grocery store deli and buying our supper to bring it back to the room where we were staying. We had some tasty (and healthy) eating that way!

Thinking of God’s people, we met them everywhere in a kaleidoscope of Americana – rural, small towns, city, megacities, and in a vibrant God-honoring black church in Baltimore.

We also saw those struggling in their walk, others with heavy burdens. Some are in the waning years of their life but are looking to God as their Sustainer and constant Source of a lively spiritual life that deepens and grows each day. God is so good!

We could never have orchestrated such a diverse, encouraging trip as this. Only God could have put that one together. Our lives were enriched as we listened to audio books in the car and sometimes Joy drove so Bill could read aloud on the trip. That was such a blessing to us.

Thank you for your prayers and support this summer and for the remainder of the summer as we prepare to teach another year. We love each of you and pray for you! Thank you for your prayers and financial support. We do not take that for granted.

God Bless! Bill and Joy Baxter