Bill Baxter, Academic Dean, Cornerstone Bible Institute

Bill was born and raised in inner-city Baltimore, MD. He was born the second time at age 26 on December 3, 1967, while in the US Navy. God, His Word, and the local church became priorities in Bill’s life, and the world was recognized for what it is. Bill’s education included ten years in the US Navy, three years at Sacramento Bible Institute, eighteen years in missions in South Africa involved in church planting, and fourteen years as pastor of his home church, Vallejo Bible Church, Vallejo, CA.

In 2010, the Lord led Bill and Joy to move to SD to have a part in equipping the next generation of workers for Jesus Christ. “What a privilege it is to know Him and to serve Him,” Bill affirms. Bill teaches theology courses at Cornerstone, along with Church History, Church Planting, and Acts.

Bill Baxter had been serving as an Advisory Elder for our church since 2002 until he moved to SD in 2010. Please continue to pray for Bill and his wife Joy for their health, stamina, and fruitfulness in their ministry to students.

May 17, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters-

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support this past month. I'm sure that can sound like a cliche, but please believe that it is our heartfelt view of all you do for us.

The flurry of year-end activities is done and life feels a little more rational now. We began with a Senior Banquet on Friday, April 21, in a beautiful camp setting - think Colorado style log building with gabled front and large windows floor to peak looking over a beautiful Black Hills forest.

After all the classes and grading were completed we had Founders Day messages - 3 on the morning of Friday, May 5. They were good messages. The Thursday night before, the Choir and Handbell Choir gave an hour-long concert for all - including many who were beginning to gather for the 25th Anniversary celebration. Friday night of Founders Day we had a catered banquet at the local Civic Center. Saturday May 6 was the graduation. We had friends from Eureka staying with us that week because they had a grandson graduating. The choir left on Tour Wednesday, May 10.

We had planned to start our trip east and south the following Wednesday, BUT...

Sunday, May 7, we hit a turkey. They are BIG BIRDS - think of hitting a bowling ball at 65 mph. Over $2000 worth of damage was the diagnosis. We're OK though because it was under Comprehensive coverage and that is $100 deductible. AAA has been very helpful and we hope to leave this Saturday, May 20. The plan is to pick up the car Friday, May 19. Please pray that all goes well.

The trip is a combination of visiting supporters, friends, and family. Some of these are in their 80s and we will spend extra time with them since we don't plan to go back that way for two or three years. We will travel as far south as North Carolina and as far east as Baltimore in our trusty little Corolla. God is good to give us strength and good health to serve Him and also to be able to do trips like this.

Thanks once again for being who you are and serving God and giving us hope, encouragement, and challenge to continue to serve.

In His service,

Bill and Joy Baxter