Gustavo Torres, Church Planter in Reno Nevada

Gustavo was saved and had been serving in his home church in Los Angeles, CA. The Lord had called Gustavo through the ministry of California Church Extension to be the church planting pastor in Reno, NV. The small Hispanic congregation was started by Pastor Alberto Perez, a brother whom we already support through CCE.

Gustavo and his wife, Eva, and their three sons, Andrew, Adam and Aiden, known as the "A team," moved to Reno from Southern California. Please pray for Gustavo and his evangelistic and preaching efforts.



Greetings my brothers,

It is a great blessing to share with you what the Lord has done in our ministry this past year. I want to thank you for your faithful support towards our ministry in Reno, NV.

We arrived in Reno on October 1, 2014 and are thrilled of what the Lord has done a year later. We started sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and continue sharing the message of good news by going door to door. We started looking for ways to get to know people in order to share the message of Jesus Christ and continue doing the same today. We continue to have evangelistic campaigns and people have gotten saved. We continue to reach the people that are discouraged by Satan’s deceptions.  

  • We make sure no one that visits our church leaves without hearing the gospel

  • We had our evangelistic campaigns on Thanksgiving, Christmas, mother and father’s day celebrations

  • We had boys and girl’s bible club with the purpose of having the kids get exposed to the gospel and having their parents listen as well.

  • I am currently going thru a discipleship with a new couple in our church and separate discipleship with a single man.

  • My wife is leading a women’s small group on Fridays mornings. We are trying to reach the full time moms in our own neighborhood.

  • We had the privilege of having 5 people get baptize this past year and we are very thrilled to be part of this event.

  • My wife and I get together with the youth every other Saturday and I give them a bible study according to their needs.

Please be in prayer for:

  1. The Lord to give me wisdom to keep leading His church

  2. The Lord to keep providing for my family and continue giving us spiritual strength

  3. The Lord to bring us new couples this October 11, as we have another evangelistic campaign with couples

    May the Lord continue to bless you, your families, and your ministries and may He continue to use your lives for His Glory. Thank you again for your faithful support and prayers.

    In Christ,

Gustavo Torres